बाल भविष्य संगठन नेपाल

CFO Children's Village
Dhaing, Nepal
Mailing Address:
Phone Number:00977-10-521058
P.O.Box 24897, Kathmandu, Nepal

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What We Do :

CFO Activities

The aim of CFO-Nepal is to care for disadvantaged children and to equip them with opportunities for a better future. We recognize the wellbeing of our children is the first priority of all our activities:

A Loving, Safe and Clean Home: The newly built CFOChildren’s Village in Dhading District. They are well equipped to serve the needs of our children and their caregivers.

A Family-Like Environment: We do our best to make the living conditions at our facilities resemble life in a well-functioning family environment. Most caregivers live permanently at the homes and guide the children with great responsibility and love. To update their knowledge of childcare and home administration issues, CFOstaff regularly attends training programs to improve their skills.

Quality Education: Good education is an essential tool to achieve a successful and independent life. CFOchildren attend private English Medium Schools and are supported by the CFO in-house tutors who guide the children's homework daily and help them prepare for school exams.

Recreation Activities: Going to school and passing exams is not all there is to a good life. Developing good social skills requires a healthy balance between education and leisure activities such as playing games, spending time in various outdoor activities and taking part in sport competitions.

CFOvolunteers and other visitors to our homes provide valuable help with these tasks and bring entertainment into the daily routine of the children.

Health Program: Children with a difficult personal history are prone to illness and chronic disease. For that reason each child admitted at CFO undergoes a thorough health check and illnesses are cured with help of medical specialists. Routine health check-ups are performed each year including dental and vision screening plus vaccination programs.

Community Voluntary Service Program:CFO students are actively attending various health camp, reliefdelivery and education program in coordination of EPF-NEPAL.