बाल भविष्य संगठन नेपाल

CFO Children's Village
Dhaing, Nepal
Mailing Address:
Phone Number:00977-10-521058
P.O.Box 24897, Kathmandu, Nepal

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History of CFO Nepal :

CFO was founded by Mr. Ramesh Dhamala and supported from groups of donors from German. The aim is to help orphans, semi-orphans and children who do not have support from their family and community.
The first children were admitted in spring 2003, many children were very small at the time of admission and did not have the possibility to live in a family-like environment. Now they are teenagers, even young adults and proud to be part of the big CFO-family.

In the beginning the task was to admit 25 children only but as it happens more and more children in need of support were presented to us and now there are 104 of them in CFO-care.

So far 32 CFO-students have attended the SLC-Exams in from year 2011 to 2016. They now study at various Colleges and we are excited to accompany them during this important time. Several CFO-students took their education even further: Some started Business& Management, Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering Education, four CFO-girls study at Nursing Colleges and one young CFO-student was admitted to an International School in Germany. The cost of higher education is very high, and we urgently need the special fund for those students study in Kathmandu.

The management of CFO-Nepal is happy and proud to have supported the children and young people for such a long period of time and to have constructed the CFO-Children`s Village in Dhading as a new home for many disadvantaged children to come.

13 years ago, our concerns to help disadvantage children of Nepal brought the idea to set up children’s home in Kathmandu. The children are orphans, victims of the internal conflict and helpless ones. CFO-Nepal gives them a homey environment, an opportunity for quality education and many other necessities. Although lost parents cannot be replaced and the pain inflicted through war and socio-economic pressure can’t be fully eradicated.

The core value we shared is to support and to make positive changes in the lives of disadvantaged children. The staff of CFO-Nepal is committed to make every effort to give our children a happy home.

CFO Nepal, Children’s Village of Dhading was honored by the Children’s Home Federation, Nepal in 2012 as the best children’s home in Nepal. The founder Chairman, Mr. Ramesh Dhamala was rewarded by the Social Welfare Council as the social service prize for the contribution to orphans and helpless children in Nepal.