Children Future
बाल भविष्य संगठन नेपाल

CFO Children's Village
Dhaing, Nepal
Mailing Address:
Phone Number:00977-10-521058
P.O.Box 24897, Kathmandu, Nepal

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About Us
Thirteen years ago several persons with a deep concern for Nepal`s disadvantaged children, came together in the city of Kathmandu, to share their ideas of providing help and support. From that gathering was born the NGO, Children's Future Organization, registered in Kathmandu in May 2003. CFO-Nepal is [+more]

What We Do
    The aim of CFO-Nepal is to care for disadvantaged children and to equip them with opportunities for a better future. We recognize the wellbeing of our children is the first priority of all our activ
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It has been more than one year since the earthquake struck in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Reconstruction efforts are finally on the way around CFO-Children`s Village and in the remote rural areas of Dhading. CFO-Students participate in various activities to support the villagers and  to help with logistic issues, which are a challenge in ........ [+more]

March 23rd; it is a late Holi Festival this year. Our children and youths celebrate vigourosly in the streets of Kathmandu and at the CFO-Children`s Village in Dhading. Let us enjoy this special time together with friends and relatives, neighbors and Nepal-visitors. Holi is an event which unites people of different walks of life and helps to unit........ [+more]

CFO-Well-Wishers from Germany visited us end of April and brought smiles on the little children`s faces. New summer clothes were distributed among the youngest students and each one got a small present as surprise. We are grateful for this merry time and for giving the little children special atte........ [+more]

57 CFO-Students were admitted at Sungabha Academy in the district headquarter Dhading Besi from mid-April 2016 onward. We are happy to announce that the final exams of the last school year went quite well and the new school year starts with good motivation and a positive outlook right now. ........ [+more]

Buddha Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate 3 major events in Buddha’s life. His birth in Lumbini, modern-day Nepal, the enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, India, and his passing away at the age of 80 years. We are happy to have a small celebration at CFO-Children`s Village and are looking forward ........ [+more]

It is April 13th and we celebrate the Nepali New Year. Here in Nepal we write already the year 2073, amazing !  Thank you for good food and, as a big surprise, for little children`s toys which were brought from Germany and distributed just in time at the occasion........ [+more]